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Wildlife Trapper Captures Massive Alligator in Florida Backyard

An 11-foot, 480-pound alligator was removed from the backyard of a south Florida home on Tuesday, April 9.The Homestead, Florida, homeowner, Thien Nguyen, told CBS Miami that he was alerted to the nuisance alligator when his dogs started barking.He called 911, who then contacted Todd Hardwick of Pesky Critters Wildlife Control.Thien Nguyen filmed as Hardwick’s team corralled the large reptile, securing its mouth shut and binding its legs to its body.Hardwick told CBS Miami that the animal was not injured during the capture, and the alligator will either be placed in captivity or “harvested.”The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission deems an alligator a nuisance if it is at least four feet long and poses a potential threat to people, pets, or property. Credit: Thien Nguyen via Storyful

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