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Solar chargers from Jackery and HybridLight

If you plan on enjoying the great outdoors — whether it’s on a short camping expedition or an extended road trip in an RV, having a reliable portable charger is a must.

Unlike batteries and portable power banks, portable solar panel rely on access to the sun. The 11 portable solar panel chargers rounded up here are some of the highest-rated ones you’ll find on Amazon.

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A popular option from Jackery
This portable solar panel charger from Jackery literally only takes seconds to set up: Just push out the two kickstands and you’re good to go. What sets this charger apart from the others is that it’s up to 23% more efficient at generating energy from sunlight than conventional panels. It also has rubber handles that make it easy to carry.

Promising review:

“We purchased this initially for use when we go camping with the Boy Scouts to keep the Jackery charged for cell phone charging for the leaders and this did not disappoint. It charges our 300W Jackery box up quickly and works well. We also love that it is adjustable to the angle of the sun so you can get peak sunlight on the panels throughout the day.” — Ex-Chief Jim

A solar charger that’s powerful yet quiet
Yes, this portable solar panel charger is pricier than many others you’ll find, but if you plan on spending a lot of time off the grid, it might be worth the investment. The 100-watt panel can charge not just small devices but also portable fridges, camp stoves and lanterns. It also comes with a canvas bag for easy carrying.

Promising review: “Bought this mainly for emergency use, but also occasional off-grid needs. The first test was to hook it up to the power station and run a RecTeq Bullseye wood pellet smoker/grill. Using the two together, I was able to get a net positive charge while running the smoker. (In other words, it was charging faster than the smoker was drawing power.) This was on a mostly sunny/partly cloudy day, with a little bit of shade on the panel. Granted, the power station and solar panel are brand new, but they seem pretty solid and well-built. So far it seems like a good investment. My only constructive criticism so far is I wish the cord from the solar panel to the power station was a couple of feet longer. I’m guessing it’s about 4 to 5 feet, an 8-foot cord would be really handy, but it’s not a deal breaker.” — Douglas D.

An affordable portable solar charger for small devices
If all you need is something to keep your phone, tablet and other small devices fired up, this 10-watt portable solar charger could be the perfect fit for you. It’s small, thin and powerful enough to charge small tech devices quickly.

Promising review: “This solar-powered battery charger is an absolute lifesaver, offering unparalleled convenience for charging your phone on the go. It’s compact and lightweight design makes it incredibly easy to carry around, perfect for outdoor adventures or travel where outlets are scarce. The solar panels efficiently harness the sun’s energy, providing a reliable power source wherever you are. I love how it eliminates the need to search for outlets, allowing me to stay connected even in remote locations. With its reliable performance and eco-friendly design, this charger earns a solid 5-star rating for its unmatched convenience and functionality.” — Ney

A weather-proof portable solar charger that hardly takes up any space
Weighing less than three pounds, this is one of the lighter portable solar panels you’ll find. It’s perfect for charging small tech devices, like phones and tablets. It’s also waterproof, so if it rains or you spill something on it, you won’t be completely screwed.

Promising review:

“I’m really impressed with just how fast the solar panel alone charges. I tested my tablet and it was working pretty quick. I love that it came with two chargers too. Also if you want it to charge faster get a fast charging cable cord, it makes it go even faster.” — Stacey

A flexible, lightweight portable solar panel
This portable solar panel charger is only 5 pounds and ultra thin, which for its size, is super lightweight. It’s pretty flexible, so you can fit it to a curved roof if you need to. There are pre-drilled holes and connectors, making installation easy. It promises to work well on boats, RVs and trailers.

Promising review: “I purchased a 100-watt flexible just to see what I’d be getting for $100. This panel total blew away my expectations! Durable as a rock, and I’m getting an honest 90 to 95 watts, which is, in my experience, about as good as it gets. I’d really like to do the TV test and blast it a couple of times with a sledgehammer. No doubt it could probably withstand it, but I love it too much to try…Definitely Recommend this 4 lb powerhouse of a panel!” — Dennis

A 120-watt portable solar panel that works even in bad weather
Not only is this baby water-proof, it can convert up to 23% of sunlight into usable energy, which will charge your devices even in bad weather. It folds right up and is easy to carry, so you can bring it anywhere you have to go.

Promising review:

“I needed some solar panels when I go camping. It’s extremely wild there. I left it out and it gathered energy pretty quickly. I used it all day long and it worked fine. Took me a little bit to figure it out because I am not good with technology but I got the hang of it after a little bit.” — Steve Guerra

A rechargeable lantern that will keep your phone charged
If your worst nightmare is being stranded in the wilderness in the dark without your phone, having this rechargeable lantern with you will ease your anxieties. Not only will it keep small devices charged, it also gives 40 hours of light off a single charge.

Promising Amazon review: “This is a great little lantern for desperate times. It charges in the sun so you never have to plug it in, the latch is cool to hang it in high places and it is super bright. Highly recommended.” — Michael

A 200-watt 12-volt solar panel charger for off-grid RV camping
If you’re serious about off-grid RV life or camping, it’s worth it to consider a portable solar panel that’s powerful enough to provide enough energy for all your needs. While this one is an investment, it’s built to last 25 years and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Promising review: “Picked this up to support RV life when we don’t have power. It’s a little heavy, but it is easy to set up and connect to the RV. I like that it has a protective case and that the controller is directly attached to the backside of the panel. It easily keeps the AGM battery system charged up so we have the power we need for 12VDC applications. And since it is not attached to the roof, we had the ability to put it in direct sunlight and run a cord to the battery if the RV happens to be parked inthe shade. Works great for us!” — David

A solar charger power bank with a flashlight
The four panels outfitted in this solar panel charging power bank are seven times more efficient at converting sunlight into energy than single-panel solar battery packs. It’s waterproof and also comes with a super bright flashlight.

Promising review: “The product is very reliable. Even when there is cloud cover it keeps charging and the capacity being high means I can have at least three charges from the start. Took this for a hike and it was very helpful for me and my group. Also, the light is a bonus, very powerful. Highly rate this product.” — Sarvesh

A foldable solar panel you can carry like a briefcase
A great mid-price portable solar panel charger, this one folds up into a compact square and you can use the handles to carry it similar to a briefcase. With 50 watts of power, it can be used to charge phones, tablets, laptops and even portable fridges.

Promising review: “Charged my 300Wh power station from 25% to 97% in one day. I moved it only three times and it works like a charm. Great work quality. No silly cloth handles that will rip in a year or two. And the material on the outside and back looks very tough. The lock has enough space for an iPad and the USB-C charging was the decision maker for me because you need to use the solar as soon as possible. If it can pull all 45w then your devices will charge a lot faster than any usb-a port. I use it with my GoLab 300w and I use the regular barrel plug with no adapter. The cable is about 3 feet, allowing me to put the solar panel on the top of my picnic table and the power station safely below it. Awesome product.” — Dr. Damian

A flexible solar panel that’s perfect for camping
Unlike most other portable solar panel chargers, this one is flexible and also comes with two metal hooks and four eyelets, making it easy to attach to bags when you’re hiking or camping. It converts up to 24% of sunlight into usable energy.

Promising review: “I got this folding solar panel to take with me on overlanding trips. It doesn’t take up too much space, but is much heavier than I was expecting. The heavy weight of this solar panel made me feel confident in my decision to get it. It has a premium feel to it. My intention for this solar panel is to charge up a few power banks that I use to run the lights on my awning and in my rooftop tent. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it works. On a bright sunny day, I’m able to charge a few power banks and my phone. It charges my phone much faster than I ever expected. On cloudy days, I’m only able to charge my largest power bank throughout the course of a day but it still works. All-in-all, I’m happy with my decision to get this.” — AR

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