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Among the smaller states in the U.S., Connecticut is one of the fastest-growing states for solar power. This is evidence of the multiple benefits of going solar in the state. Here is a list of the benefits.

  • Higher savings: Connecticut residents pay an average of 30.24 cents per kWh of electricity, almost twice the national average (15.47¢/kWh). This means that despite the slightly higher cost of solar panels in the state, its residents can save significantly more in the long run by going solar.
  • Excellent net-metering program: Known as the Residential Renewable Energy Solutions Program, Connecticut’s bidirectional metering for solar offers energy credits to homeowners which have the same monetary value as the retail rate of electricity. The state also offers a “Buy All Tariff” option where customers can sign purchase power agreements (PPAs) to sell all of their power instead of net metering. Low-income households can benefit from additional energy credits through the program.
  • Ambitious Clean Energy Goals: The state of Connecticut has an ambitious Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) that aims to generate nearly half of the state’s power in 2030 from renewable sources. Adopting solar power, along with other energy efficiency measures, will help Connecticut move faster toward its RPS goals.

Common Concerns

Despite the energy savings and independence offered by solar panels in Connecticut, the state does have a few limitations when it comes to solar energy. For instance, a significant portion of the year is snowy and cold and sees less sunshine. This means homeowners may need relatively larger systems to fulfill most or all of their energy needs, which can raise your upfront cost.

Connecticut also does not have a long list of attractive solar incentives. While residents benefit from the 30% federal tax credit, the state itself does not have any significant rebate program.

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