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The absolute first and foremost thing you need to do before you can have solar panels installed on your rental is getting the go-ahead from your landlord. Even if you live there, this isn’t your property, legally speaking, so you don’t have the final say on whether or not this can happen. If you want solar power, you’re going to need to pitch the idea to your landlord or leasing company. If your rental doesn’t already have solar power hooked up, there may be a reason for it, so it’s on you to find out what that reason is and determine if it’s a negotiable matter. Although it depends on various factors, including where you live, when you install the panels, and other factors, installing solar panels can have monetary benefits like tax credits. Solar panels can also increase your home’s value, so that could be a good incentive to present to your landlord.

Of course, even if the landlord is okay with it, your neighbors might not be. If you live in a condominium or planned community, there may be a homeowner’s association to contend with. Again, you’ll need to go in front of the HOA to make your case for solar panel installation. If your community has some documentation available like a rulebook or charter, give it a read over before this. There may be policies in place that forbid solar panels outright, which could make this entire pursuit a nonstarter.

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