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Preventive maintenance is something you can negotiate into the contract with your solar installer. Your level of DIY ability will determine which of the following aspects you pay for and which you’ll take care of, but it’s imperative to complete them.

Shading a small portion of a solar panel can reduce system performance significantly. While your installer should consider existing tree cover when determining optimal solar panel placement for your property, keeping trees trimmed to prevent shading panels prematurely is one way to improve solar production. However, this task is likely best left to professional arborists.

Another great way to ensure your solar power system is operating at peak efficiency is with an annual system checkup. While this is another aspect that is best left to professionals, it shouldn’t be cost-prohibitive, and correcting any system deficits makes it worthwhile. A system checkup could reveal shading issues, loose or faulty connections, and failing equipment. Failing equipment or bad wire connections not only reduce solar production but, in rare instances, could present a fire risk. 

The final preventive maintenance tip is a perfect DIY project or another task to hire out, depending on the location of your panels. In addition to shading, dirty solar panels are another common cause of reduced energy production. If you can reach your solar panels using a garden hose, telescopic pole, or a ladder, performing a semi-annual cleaning removes dust and grime.

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