A logistical dream: How PATRIZIA harnesses solar energy to power communities – Patrizia AG

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The logistics sector plays a vital role in the organisation and management of goods for a variety of purposes, but has been less associated with sustainable outcomes.

With the rise of sustainable urban logistics, this perception is shifting, and one aspect where logistics assets can play an important role is in the creation of solar energy.

The large, flat rooftops on many logistics assets are perfect for the implementation of solar panels at scale, creating renewable energy for tenants and nearby communities via national grids. In this way, the logistics sector can support the energy transition away from fossil fuels and towards greener sources.

PATRIZIA has been managing its own programme of solar panel implementation on the rooftops of its logistics portfolio in Europe – a programme it refers to as the ‘solarfication’ of logistics. In this video, we learn more about this ‘solarfication’ activity, PATRIZIA’s progress so far and the importance of partnering with third parties to achieve optimal outcomes for investors and tenants alike.

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