Alfadog Unveils Chile’s First Pet Food Factory Powered Solely by Solar Energy – SolarQuarter

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Alfadog, a pet food factory in Chile, has inaugurated its pioneering 344.85 kWp self-consumption photovoltaic plant, marking a milestone as the first factory in the country’s sector to generate solar energy equivalent to its annual consumption.


Situated in Chillán, Ñuble region, the photovoltaic plant was designed, developed, and implemented by Grammer Solar Chile, a subsidiary of German-based Grammer Solar GmbH. The project operates under Netbilling mode and features 726 panels and 300 kW inverters, complying with current Chilean law regulations.


With an estimated annual generation of 469 MWh, the project boasts a payback period of less than five years. Its innovative design incorporates both coplanar and inclined installation to maximize utilization of the factory roof.


The unveiling of Alfadog’s solar-powered pet food factory represents a significant advancement in Chile’s renewable energy landscape. By harnessing solar energy to meet its energy needs, Alfadog sets a precedent for sustainability in the country’s industrial sector.

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