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Ground-mounted solar panels can potentially capture more solar energy than solar panels on your roof, depending on where they get mounted and how they get mounted. Depending upon how much space you have at your home, you can have more ground-mounted solar panels than you could on your roof. Or, you could install ground-mounted solar panels in addition to your rooftop panels.

Capture More Sunlight

Ground-mounted solar panels give you the option on where you want to install your solar panels. With your roof, you’re usually limited to the areas that have southern exposure to take advantage of the most sunlight. Your home might not have a lot of southern exposure with your roof and you might not be able to install many solar panels.

Depending on the size of your lot, you likely have more space to place solar panels on the ground and add more solar panels with southern exposure to capture more sunlight. With more solar panels, you could increase the amount of power you generate with solar energy.

Keeps Solar Panels off Your Roof

Your roof can be expensive to repair, ask anyone who’s ever had hail damage or had to replace a roof. Solar panels get constructed to withstand weather and not break, but need proper installation to prevent any issues with your roof. If solar panels get improperly installed, you could have water issues, which can lead to expensive repairs.

Reduces Risk to Your Home

If you have ground-mounted solar panels, you don’t have to worry about the risk of faulty wiring leading to a fire on your roof or improper installation issues.

Easier to Expand

If you have the space, you can easily expand ground-mounted solar panels and not worry about having a smaller area on your roof for solar panels. Provided you have areas on the ground free from obstructions like trees that can cast shadows over the panels, you might get more efficient use from your solar panels. It’s estimated that solar trackers can produce from 10% to 45% more electricity as fixed tilt panels.

Easier Maintenance

A ground-mounted solar panel system also means you don’t have to climb on your roof to do maintenance. It’s easier to check the components, like an inverter, of a ground-mounted system.

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