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To determine the best solar company ranking, the Forbes Home editorial team analyzed 26 major companies, with each company’s star rating determined by evaluating a variety of metrics, including:

Years in Business, Services and Financing (22%)

How long a company has been in business, the services it provides and the financing options available are important factors in determining the best solar panel installation companies. These factors make up a total of 22% of the metrics.

Equipment Options (4%)

The type of equipment available from each company makes up 4% of the score and includes equipment like solar panels, types of solar panels and solar batteries.

App and Customer Reviews (21%)

BBB customer ratings and accreditation as well as the ratio of complaints to reviews, Trustpilot, Consumer Affairs, SolarReviews and Google reviews were analyzed for each solar panel installation company for 21% total.

Customer Support (10%)

The editorial team analyzed all solar companies’ support options including live chat (pre-sale), phone service, FAQ page, knowledge base, community forum, and blog for a total of 10% of the total ranking.

Nationwide Availability (16%)

The Nationwide availability of each solar panel installation company makes up 16% of the ranking. The more Californias a company covers (including D.C.), the more points it is awarded.

Price and Warranty (12%)

The cost of solar panel installations and the length and type of warranties available make up 12% of the total score.

Product Specifications and Features (14%)

Specific product features, like weather resistance, maximum positive and negative load, minimum and maximum panel wattages, efficiency, and more contribute to 14% of the total ranking.

Editorial Score (1%)

Our team awarded additional percentage points for companies that exceeded normal expectations for categories like customer service excellence, availability and more.

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