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With myriad solar companies to choose from, narrowing down the options can feel like a daunting challenge. A multitude of factors complicate looking into solar installation companies, so we’ve prepared this list to help you begin.

Availability in Your Location

Some solar panel installation companies offer wide availability and can provide installation and services in most U.S. states, while others are more regional and may not be able to accommodate locations outside of a certain radius or region. Investigating the service area of the company you are interested in is a good first step when narrowing down your choices.

Better Business Bureau Rating and Accreditation

A well-established company with demonstrated quality and service should maintain accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The world of solar energy is booming, so it’s possible and even likely that you will encounter newer companies during your search that do not have an established reputation. These companies may offer more affordable prices, but working with companies without an established reputation won’t give you confidence in the quality of work and service.

Financing and Promotional Options

Most solar companies should allow a homeowner to purchase all of the equipment for a solar setup outright if they so desire. This represents a significant up-front cost but allows the consumer to keep money saved on utility bills for themselves right away.

Most of the companies on our list of the best solar panel installation companies offer consumers the opportunity to finance a solar setup. Some companies also offer referral bonuses or equipment bundles to help you save money when investing in solar energy.

Leased vs. Owned Equipment

Some solar panel installation companies will sell you the solar equipment so you can own it outright and immediately start keeping all the money you save on utility bills for yourself. Other companies make starting your journey to using green, renewable energy affordable by leasing the solar set-up to homeowners. This helps you save money upfront and employ utility savings to help eventually pay off the equipment.

Consultations and Estimates

Most solar companies will offer you a free estimate for the cost of materials and labor for a solar installation. If you aren’t sure what type of products you want or need, try to find a company that prioritizes its customers by offering a free consultation with an estimate. An expert walking you through the different options and installation process can be extremely helpful.

Consumer Ratings and Reviews

Solar installation requires a company’s employees to work inside and on top of your home, so it’s important to ensure you hire a company you can trust. Customer ratings and reviews can provide an abundance of insight into how a company and its employees operate, so be sure to seek out highly rated companies.

Solar Equipment

One final way to determine if a solar panel installation company is the right fit is to see what kind of solar equipment it uses. Many companies offer a variety of equipment from numerous manufacturers. Some solar companies will mix and match panels, inverters and other equipment from different manufacturers to save you money or because company technicians are knowledgeable about the best combinations of different manufacturers’ equipment.

Companies also offer solar panels of different styles and designs including some that are lower profile or designed for more extreme weather. Some companies like Tesla, also offer solar roofing tiles.

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