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President Joe Biden‘s planned $7 billion in federal grants for residential solar projects has been slammed as a giveaway to China, which is flooding America with low-cost clean energy panels.

Biden was set to unveil the grants in Virginia on Monday, part of the annual Earth Day celebrations.

They will help some 900,000 low- and middle-income households install solar arrays on homes and community gardens.

But critics call the grants an own goal for Biden — undercutting his bid to revive domestic manufacturing with clean energy factories through his signature climate change law, the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act.

But the grants will benefit Chinese exporters, such as  this new energy company in Suqian, Jiangsu province, which exports photovoltaic panel components to the US and Europe

Jeff Ferry, an economist at the Coalition for a Prosperous America, which advocates for homegrown manufacturing, says Biden’s grant money will flow to China, which dominates the global solar market.

Jeff Ferry wants tariffs on Chinese solar imports

‘The IRA financial support is helping us rebuild the solar industry we lost a decade ago,’ Ferry told

‘The eligibility of Chinese companies for these grants and credits threatens the entire project.’

The former tech entrepreneur called for a ‘strict ban on any Chinese companies receiving any federal taxpayer monies.’

The IRA would backfire without ‘much more aggressive restrictions on imports of solar panels, which today are primarily coming in from Chinese companies based in Southeast Asia,’ he added.

‘There is right now vast overbuilding of solar manufacturing equipment in the US, while demand for solar power is only growing moderately,’ he added.

His colleague Nick Iacovella said the Biden administration had ‘once again failed to include any safeguards for this $7 billion in grant money to ensure that it does not flow to’ companies controlled by Beijing.

Fears about the Biden administration’s clean-energy push helping China have become an issue in the 2024 election.

Dave McCormick, a Republican senate candidate for Pennsylvania, accused the president and other Democrats, of ‘making us more dependent on solar panels and lithium batteries from China.’

Dave McCormick, a Republican senate candidate for Pennsylvania, says Biden's giveaways to China are a 'national security' issue

This was ‘undermining our national security and economy’ and must be combatted, said McCormick.

Biden’s grants are being awarded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which unveiled the 60 recipients on Monday.

The schemes are set to eventually cut some 30 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions and save households $350 million annually, officials said.

Biden also plans to expand his New Deal-style American Climate Corps green jobs training program.

The EPA told that grant recipients are encouraged to favor US-made products.

But it remains unclear whether they will buy anything other than Chinese-made solar gear, which is 60 percent cheaper than US-made equipment.

After years of subsidies, China accounts for 80 percent of solar module production capacity, driving oversupply that has triggered a collapse in global prices.

The Biden administration is reportedly weighing whether to reimpose tariffs on a dominant solar panel technology from China and other countries.

The Earth Day announcements are seen as an effort by Biden to boost his appeal to young voters — a key constituency in the 20204 White House race.

Workers install solar panels on the rooftop of a home in Poway, California

Young people were a key part of a broad but fragile coalition that helped him defeat then-President Donald Trump in 2020.

Many have joined protests around the US of the president’s handling of Israel’s war with Hamas in the Gaza Strip, dubbing him ‘Genocide Joe.’

Solar energy can have high costs for initial installation, making it inaccessible for many Americans.

Forty-nine of the new grants are state-level awards, six serve Native American tribes and five are multi-state awards.

They can be used for investments such as rooftop solar arrays and community solar gardens.

Biden is set to launch the scheme at Biden at Prince William Forest Park, about 30 miles southwest of Washington.

Biden has often used Earth Day as a backdrop to further his administration’s climate work.

Last year, he signed an executive order creating the White House Office of Environmental Justice.

He has tried to draw a contrast with Republican officials, who have pushed for less regulation of oil production to cut energy prices.

Sen Bernie Sanders said the Solar for All grants would ‘substantially lower the electric bills of Americans and create thousands of good-paying jobs.’

‘The US can and must lead the world in transforming our energy systems away from fossil fuels,’ he added.

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