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Brazil surpassed the mark of 38 GW installed in solar power photovoltaic (PV) energy considering the centralized generation and distributed generation segments. This means that 16.8% of the Brazilian electricity matrix comes from solar energy.

The data is from ABSOLAR (Brazilian Photovoltaic Solar Energy Association), and corroborated by ANEEL (National Electric Energy Agency).

According to ABSOLAR, since 2012 photovoltaics generated more than 1.1 million jobs in Brazil. In addition, the institution also states that during this period there were R$ 184.3 billion in investments and R$ 51.7 billion in income from public coffers.

Ronaldo Koloszuk, president of the Board of Directors of ABSOLAR, points out that photovoltaic solar energy is one of the main vectors for the decarbonization of the country.

“With the combination of technologies such as electrical energy storage and green hydrogen, Brazil can, in a short time, boost its sustainable development, with the generation of thousands of new green jobs, bringing more income to workers and more opportunities for our society.” population. Koloszuk said.

Rodrigo Sauaia, general director of ABSOLAR, sees the photovoltaic solar source as an important tool for the social, economic and environmental development of the country. He cites the opportunities for using photovoltaic systems in homes from the Minha Casa, Minha Vida program, as well as in schools, libraries, health centers, parks, among others.

“The advance of solar energy strengthens sustainability and expands Brazil’s international prominence, in addition to relieving family budgets and reinforcing the competitiveness of Brazilian productive sectors,” concludes Sauaia.

In the distributed generation segment, Brazil has 26.3 GW of installed power. There are more than 2.34 million systems in DG, or about 69% of the total power. According to ANEEL, around 32 thousand of these systems were installed this year.

In terms of GC, the country has 11.78 GW of centralized installed power, with another 132 GW of power granted in non-operational plants. Of this amount, 7.45 GW come from plants that have already started construction, while 125.47 GW come from plants that have not yet started construction.

ABSOLAR projects that Brazil will exceed the 45 GW power mark this year 2024.

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