Capwatt Partners with Sonae Arauco, Installs 13000 Solar Panels at Valladolid Plant, Cutting CO2 Emissions by 2000 … – SolarQuarter

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Capwatt has recently inked a contract with Sonae Arauco to provide renewable electricity through the installation of a photovoltaic plant at its industrial facility in Valladolid.


The project entails the installation of over 13,000 photovoltaic panels, aimed at averting the emission of 2000 tons of CO2 annually. Additionally, it is set to secure 25% of the plant’s total electricity consumption.

This collaboration underscores Capwatt’s dedication to assisting its industrial partners in implementing efficient and technically sound energy solutions. Such initiatives not only aid in emissions reduction but also enhance operational performance, yield positive economic outcomes, and contribute to sustainable development goals.


The endeavor marks a significant step towards sustainable energy practices within the industrial sector, highlighting the importance of renewable energy adoption in combating climate change and promoting environmental stewardship.

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