New quantum material boosts solar cell efficiency to 190% – Interesting Engineering

Researchers from Lehigh University have developed a material with the potential to increase the efficiency of solar panels drastically. But what makes it different? Constant innovations improving efficiency have become crucial, especially in meeting global energy needs. Quantum material to the rescue The research team debuted a prototype using a quantum material as the active […]

US Navy to get its first solar-electric ‘pseudo-satellite’ VTOL drone – Interesting Engineering

The United States Navy has officially committed to buying Kraus Hamdani Aerospace’s (KHA) solar-powered K1000ULE drone. Commissioned under the Navy’s PMA 263 program, the US Marine Corps will use the new drone as part of their Small Unit Remote Scouting System. Under the contract, KHA will supply the Navy with three drones. This will provide […]

Self-cleaning solar panels boost efficiency with wind power – Interesting Engineering

A research team at DGIST (Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology) in South Korea has unveiled an ingenious device that enhances solar power generation by keeping panels free of dust and other contaminants. Harnessing wind power, this self-cleaning device autonomously maintains a vital component of the clean energy revolution. The challenge of clean solar […]

Scientists design ultra-efficient energy storage system using pebbles — here’s how it works – The Cool Down

Researchers at Sweden’s KTH Royal Institute of Technology have designed a new system for storing thermal energy that builds on existing technology, improving efficiency by adding one surprising element: pebbles. Currently, in state-of-the-art solar thermal energy systems, molten salt is used to store energy for long-term usage. However, as detailed by SolarPACES, commercial molten salt […]

LONGi Presents BC Technology at World Engineering Day – SolarQuarter

Huo Yan, Global Marketing Head of LONGi’s Distributed Business Group, has delivered presentations to attendees at the recently concluded Southeast Asia Green Energy Cooperation and Exchange Forum and World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development in Bangkok.  At the latter forum, some 150 energy professionals from seven Southeast Asian countries witnessed the appearance of LONGi’s Hi-MO X6 […]