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The California-based company, founded in 2006, partnered with Flextronics to manufacture its solar microinverters in-house. Like many companies, Enphase and Flex initially had manufacturing plants in China. That is until 2018, when Enphase announced a production shift to Mexico in the second quarter of 2019. Then, in 2023, Enphase established two production facilities within the United States, where it now ship all of its microinverters.

Although California is the best U.S. state for solar energy, Enphase houses the two new production facilities in Columbia, South Carolina, and Arlington, Texas. Naturally, the shift to an American-based production helps Enpahse better serve its U.S. customers. However, the company also emphasizes the importance of creating more jobs in the United States while also advancing the country’s clean energy economy.

Enphase and Flex hosted a massive open house in South Carolina in July of 2023 to celebrate the opening of the facilities, inviting clean energy personnel, government officials, and even President Joe Biden. During a tour of the Arlington facility featured on The Solar Energy Channel by Paradise Energy on YouTube,¬†Larry Beiler, VP of Design and Procurement at Paradise Energy Solutions, said, “I’m really impressed with all the inspections you guys [Enphase] do and the quality control all the way throughout the process. Definitely, quality [and] U.S. jobs is high on the priority list for Enphase.” Enphase plans to open both facilities for tours for Enphase installers.

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