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By far, the most common complaint about Tesla solar panels online has nothing to do with the products themselves, but with the company’s customer service. Social media sites like Reddit are flooded with complaints. One person described the whole process as a “nightmare,” while another accused Tesla of being extremely unresponsive.

In a detailed post, a Redditor said they had a “terrible customer experience, like the worst I have ever encountered,” noting that there is “no way to expedite a resolution on anything.” Describing Tesla’s customer service as “absolutely horrid,” a commenter said they have been “warning people considering Tesla to go somewhere else.”

If you just Google the term “Tesla solar panels customer support” you will come across hundreds of similar complaints, which suggests that Tesla may indeed be lacking in this department. As CNET notes, it’s not that there aren’t complaints about other major solar installers, but it certainly appears that Tesla is the worst offender.

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