Today, we were joined by Eric Carlson from RevoluSun, a leading solar energy company, to discuss the advantages of solar leasing over purchasing panels outright were discussed in detail. We have chatted about owning solar panels in the past, but today he broke down how both owning or leasing panels can be beneficial.

Eric shared that solar leasing offers homeowners the opportunity to have solar panels installed without the need for a hefty upfront investment. Instead, customers pay a fixed monthly fee to lease the equipment. This financial arrangement stands in contrast to purchasing, where homeowners pay upfront and directly benefit from tax credits and increased home value.

He believes one of the main attractions of solar leasing is its “zero down” option, making the transition to renewable energy accessible and affordable. RevoluSun offers lease plans spanning 20 or 25 years, providing flexibility for customers in managing their finances over the long term. This option aligns with various financial goals, such as leveraging available tax credits or accommodating life events like education expenses.

At the end of the lease term, customers typically have several options. They can extend the lease, purchase the system at a reduced price, or opt to have it removed.

Regarding savings, while the amount varies depending on factors like roof space and location, Eric says that on average, customers can expect savings of around 40% on their monthly electricity bills.

RevoluSun’s lease agreements feature escalators ranging from 0% to 2.9%, helping customers hedge against the annual increase in electricity costs.

On top of all of that, including battery backup with storage options in solar leasing packages enhances energy independence and provides a reliable solution during power outages. Eric said that customers are assured of support and replacement if their storage system experiences any issues during the lease period.

For those interested in exploring solar leasing further, RevoluSun invites you to visit to their showroom, by calling 808.748.8888 or visit their website at