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Amidst a drive towards sustainability, the City of Frederick, Maryland, has partnered with Secure Solar Futures and Capital Solar Group to introduce a cutting-edge solar energy initiative at its Police Department Headquarters. The project, set for completion by the close of 2024, marks a significant milestone in the city’s commitment to clean energy adoption.

Through a power purchase agreement, the City of Frederick incurs no upfront capital costs for the installation of solar equipment, thanks to Secure Solar Futures. Over a 25-year duration, Secure Solar Futures will oversee the operation of the solar system, providing the city with 100% of the generated power and resulting in substantial electricity cost savings estimated at $174,577.

This groundbreaking endeavor not only marks the city’s first solar canopy installment on a municipal building but also represents a pioneering move within Frederick County’s public safety sector. Chief Jason Lando underscores the multifaceted benefits, emphasizing enhanced fleet protection alongside environmental and financial gains.


In its inaugural year of operation, the solar infrastructure is projected to generate a substantial 444,800 kilowatt hours of electricity, equivalent to powering 40 average homes. Additionally, it is poised to fulfill nearly 14% of the Police Headquarters’ electricity requirements, complementing the city’s ongoing energy procurement from the local utility.

Mayor Michael O’Connor hails the initiative as a testament to Frederick’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, highlighting its alignment with broader climate objectives. The project’s environmental impact is equally significant, with annual carbon dioxide emissions reductions equivalent to those produced by 70 gasoline-powered passenger vehicles or the carbon sequestered by 376 acres of U.S. forest.

Beyond environmental benefits, the solar canopy serves as a practical solution for public safety facilities, shielding vehicles from adverse weather conditions. Jason Brennan, Principal of Capital Solar Group, underscores this advantage while detailing the company’s co-financing and construction role in the project.

Looking ahead, the City of Frederick stands to assume ownership of the solar power system post-service agreement, solidifying its commitment to long-term energy sustainability. Macon Rich, Interim CEO of Secure Solar Futures, lauds the city’s proactive stance, highlighting the dual benefits of cost savings and environmental stewardship.

In essence, Frederick’s embrace of solar innovation not only underscores its progressive energy agenda but also serves as a beacon of leadership in the broader community, signaling a collective commitment towards a greener, more sustainable future.

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