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Hi everyone! I am sorry for being so long posting this, but honestly I was next to useless all winter. I was sick a lot, and with sheet plastic over the windows and stuff crammed everywhere Wheeliehouse was just not photo-ready. There is still a bit of remodeling to do, but at least some areas are ready for prime time!

Area 1: Kitchen

Area 2: Guest bedroom/kitty loft

Comfy blankets, kitty houses, and lots and lots of toys!
Kitty loft also doubles as full-size guest bed! Pictures of the process below 🙂
loft area with old cushions removed

Also, I wanted to wait till I knew exactly where my disability stood. Which didn’t exactly go as I’d hoped. I did finally get a hearing date for last Monday, May 6th, but unfortunately the judge I was assigned is tied for 7th worst in the entire disability system. Her approval rating seems to hover right around 15% (the average is generally 50-55%), and I had three very seasoned, experienced lawyers tell me they could not win my case with this judge.

After some consultation and looking at options, I withdrew my application. Had I proceeded to the hearing and my case denied by the judge I was assigned, that would have been it. End of the road. But by withdrawing my application, I have the option of reapplying, which I’m planning to do — among other things, I now have an affidavit from my long Covid doctor supporting my claim 🙂 AND the right diagnosis, which I didn’t have at the start of my process this last time.

Plus, all the other judges in Richmond have waaay better approval percentages!

“decking” it all even 🙂

Unfortunately, there’s some stuff I was putting off, hoping to take care of it out of disability back pay. The biggest one is the RV slide, which stopped working in December — I’ve been poking at it all spring, but I simply don’t have the knowledge to figure it out. I’m taking it to RV Services up in Ashland next week to get a quote, but the most crucial thing to make Wheeliehouse fully independent and functional is renewable, easily rechargeable power

If you can help:

paypal: [email protected]

gofundme page here

Yep, with luck and your help, Wheeliehouse is going solar!

Another recent project — de-oxidizing & polishing the headlights!

Right now I get about 28 hours of lights/fridge/water pump (not heater) before my “house” batteries go flat, so basically I’m charging them every day (off George’s electricity, bless him, but I can tell he kinda wants his driveway back!). I spent much of the winter researching renewable systems and options — I even got a quote for doing a custom solar installation from an RV place, ouch! It was thru the roof. For a while I couldn’t see any way to possibly make it happen.

Then I discovered EcoFlow. I’d looked into a number of other modular solar systems, but EcoFlow is not only one of the best-rated, it also designed a “power plant” that is literally plug’n’play for RVs. No rewiring. No inverters. It’s, like, OMG.

So I am here today, hat in hand, asking for your help in purchasing a solar power system for Wheeliehouse — which, with my $500 “new member” discount and buying refurbished rather than new, means I can get a complete plug’n’play system including air conditioner for just under $3000!

Please please please help me make this happen!

paypal: userexists11(at)gmail(dot)com

gofundme here 

Thank you!!!!


Honestly, even though I’ve got my monthly expenses down to about $780, I do have some bills that have built up over the past six months — vehicle insurance plus registration is coming right up, my post office box fee, and property tax on Wheeliehouse and the Prius. All told it’s about $1400, and if there is anything raised past the $3000 for solar, I’ll apply it to outstanding bills.

If by some ZOMG miracle there ends up more in the kitty after solar and immediate bills, I will put it toward getting the slide repaired (which I would really, really love to do, especially since I got adopted this spring — say hello to Naomi! Suddenly I could really use that extra floor space again!!)

Miss Naomi Chowsky

I’ve also got an Amazon wish-list, if you’d like to take a look — items at the top are Wheeliehouse renovation stuff (the drawers are part of today’s project — building the kitties a combination litterbox surround, supply storage, and window perch!), plus some stuff for Naomi. 

That empty space? By tomorrow evening (with luck) it will be a litter box holder, cat supply storage, and window perch for Wheezer and Madeleine!

But the hugest thing is the solar, and between the $500 coupon (which expires May 31) and their 12% off Mother’s Day sale I just had to, had to ask. Thank you so much for reading!

If you can help, paypal is always preferred, but there’s a gofundme page, too!

paypal: userexists11(at)gmail(dot)com


Naomi says “Thank you” too!


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