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Growatt Introduces NEO 800M-X Microinverter and NOAH 2000 Battery Balcony Solar Solution.

Growatt, a global leader in energy solutions across residential, commercial, industrial, and energy storage sectors, has announced its latest offerings: the NEO 800M-X microinverter and NOAH 2000 Battery Balcony Solar Solution. The system is tailored to meet the growing demand for solar energy in contemporary living environments, particularly in regions like Europe, notably Germany, where balcony solar adoption is on the rise.

Frank Qiao, Sales Director at Growatt, emphasized that this solution directly addresses the needs of modern apartment living, providing a comprehensive solar energy solution backed by a 10-year warranty:

Balcony Solar meets this rising trend by delivering an optimal solution for apartment residents.

“highlighting the system’s compact design for easy installation, overcoming space constraints, and enabling plug-and-play functionality in just 5 minutes. End-customers can complete installation themselves without relying on installers, combining efficiency, reliability, and convenience.

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The NEO series microinverter, available in power outputs of 600W, 800W, and 1000W, integrates two independent MPPTs and achieves an efficiency rating of 97.3%. Its IP67 waterproof protection ensures enhanced safety against dust and water, making it a robust and reliable choice for solar energy systems. Additionally, the panel-level monitoring function enables tracking of each module’s performance through the ShinePhone App interface.

The NOAH 2000 Battery complements balcony solar setups by enabling efficient energy storage, allowing owners to store and utilize electricity generated by their balcony solar systems at their convenience. Supporting up to 4 modules with a total input of 1600W and more than 6000 battery cycles, this solution aims to maximize self-generation and consumption rates and reduce energy bills. It incorporates high-quality and safe LiFePO4 battery cells, a maximum output of 800W, expandable storage capacity up to 8192Wh, and different operation modes for easy energy management.

Qiao emphasized:

“With Growatt’s balcony solar system, households and communities can reduce their carbon footprint, contribute to a sustainable energy future, and enjoy long-term energy cost savings.” The NEO and NOAH balcony solar energy storage solution is a further step that marks the company’s commitment to enabling sustainable energy for all, empowering families to harness solar power effectively and enjoy the advantages of energy storage.

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Growatt Introduces NEO 800M-X Microinverter and NOAH 2000 Battery Balcony Solar Solution. source

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