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HD Hyundai Energy Solution’s solar panels are installed on the rooftops of CJ CheilJedang’s plant in Jincheon, North Chungcheong Province. (HD Hyundai)

HD Hyundai Energy Solution, a solar energy affiliate under South Korean shipbuilding conglomerate HD Hyundai, has recently completed the installment of rooftop solar power systems at CJ CheilJedang’s two plants, the company said Monday.

With an installed capacity of 2.7 megawatts, the rooftop photovoltaic system can generate 3.5 gigawatts and cut down carbon emissions by 1,607 tons per year.

According to HD Hyundai Energy Solution, the solar power systems will be operated under leases, so CJ CheilJedang’s two plants in Incheon and Jincheon, North Chungcheong Province, will pay a monthly bill instead of spending on the initial investment or maintenance.

HD Hyundai Energy Solution plans to continue expanding its solar panel businesses by utilizing inactive areas such as the rooftops of the Korean food company’s plants, pointing out that the electricity generated at worksites can save energy loss from being transmitted and distributed as it is used directly on the spot.

The company already completed the construction of solar panels at rooftops and parking lots of HD Hyundai Infracore’s Incheon plant on April 5. The installed photovoltaic system can generate 1.3 gigawatts and reduce carbon emissions by 600 tons per year. HD Hyundai Infracore is a machinery manufacturing unit under HD Hyundai.

HD Hyundai Energy Solution has also been focusing on maintaining stable operation and offering high-quality maintenance of its solar power systems. For instance, the company developed Hi-Smart, a system that can remotely monitor all of its solar power systems installed across the country from the integrated control room in Eumseong, North Chungcheong Province, and oversee them in real time.

“The demand for solar power for self-consumption by companies to achieve carbon neutrality has been increasing recently,” said an official at HD Hyundai Energy Solution.

“We will preemptively secure market demand and further strengthen our position as an integrated solar solution provider by introducing an emergency blocking safety system mandated in the United States and Europe.”

HD Hyundai Energy Solution's solar panels are installed on the rooftops of HD Hyundai Infracore's plant in Incheon. (HD Hyundai)

HD Hyundai Energy Solution’s solar panels are installed on the rooftops of HD Hyundai Infracore’s plant in Incheon. (HD Hyundai)

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