Industrial standards institute told to guide public on buying solar panels – Nation Thailand

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TISI secretary-general Wanchai Panomchai said that there could be several causes for solar panel fires, but the main reason was inconvenient electricity flow due to multiple panels being connected together. If any panel has a problem, it can lead to electrical pressure from various places flowing together at that panel. This accumulation of pressure can generate excessive heat beyond the solar panel’s capacity, leading to ignition and subsequently spread to other panels. Therefore, the safest approach is to choose standardised panels certified by the TISI, as they have undergone testing for heat resistance, ignition, and fire propagation, Wanchai said.

TISI has two standards for solar panel products: Thai Industrial Satandard 61215 1 (1) – 2561, focusing on performance and the ability to generate electricity, and Thai Industrial Standard 2580 2-2562 on safety. This standard includes requirements related to heat resistance, fire prevention, operation in high temperatures, leakage protection, preventing the spread of fire, and systems to prevent overheating.

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