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Infinigen Renewables, a prominent player in utility-scale solar and commercial projects, emerges as a key contributor to Puerto Rico’s energy transition, prioritizing reliability and sustainability in the power sector.


With a focus on independent solar power production and operation, Infinigen has been actively involved in Puerto Rico’s renewable energy landscape since 2015. The company’s assets include two significant solar PV plants: Horizon Solar Park in Salinas and Oriana Solar Park in Isabela, boasting a combined capacity of 73.2 MW dc.


Horizon Solar Park, operational since 2015, was the first to meet the strict technical standards set by the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA). Generating 23,000 MWh annually, it powers approximately 2,500 homes. Oriana Solar Park, operational since 2016, is the largest PV farm on the island, contributing around 30% of Puerto Rico’s solar generating capacity and supplying clean energy equivalent to the needs of nearly 10,000 homes.


Over the past eight years, Infinigen’s solar parks have collectively eliminated 72,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually, significantly impacting Puerto Rico’s environmental sustainability efforts.

Leslie Hufstetler, CEO of Infinigen Renewables, highlights the company’s dedication to a cleaner future for Puerto Rico, aiming to achieve 100% renewable-sourced electricity by 2050.

Infinigen’s success is attributed to its team of global experts in renewable asset development and operation, fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation.

Puerto Rico’s vulnerability to natural disasters, exemplified by devastating hurricanes in 2017, underscored the urgency for renewable energy alternatives. In response, Puerto Rico enacted an energy policy in 2019 aiming for complete renewable energy generation by 2050, with interim targets.

Infinigen’s recent success includes the award of a 32.1 MWac Power Purchase and Operating Agreement from PREPA in 2022, further solidifying its role in Puerto Rico’s renewable energy landscape.

In addition to mitigating power grid vulnerabilities, Infinigen’s presence in Puerto Rico has led to positive economic impacts, including job creation and reduced energy costs for residents and businesses.

Looking ahead, Infinigen aims to expand its footprint in the Caribbean and North America, positioning itself as a leader in sustainable energy solutions.

Leslie Hufstetler expresses optimism about Infinigen’s contributions to Puerto Rico’s transformation towards reliable and sustainable power.

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