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The installation waiting period for residential rooftop photovoltaic (PV) systems in Austria has been cut in half to three months, according to a survey conducted by solar industry association PV Austria.

The duration from initial planning to installation has shrunk to three months recently from a previous timeframe of six to twelve months in 2023, the association said on Tuesday.

“The time is perfect now: The PV industry is well prepared, and the acquisition costs for installing a PV system are currently unbeatable. With the new VAT exemption, the path to your own solar power system is as easy, fast, and inexpensive as never before,” PV Austria managing director Vera Immitzer was cited in the statement.

According to Immitzer, the industry has shown that it is ready for the rapid expansion of photovoltaics in Austria.

In parallel, Germany plans legislative measures to expand solar power, including simpler processes for repowering solar roofs and registering balcony solar systems among others.

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