‘Legal…not forthright’: Solar power company gives misleading information to customers – Paducah Sun

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With pushes from Washington to promote the use of solar power, including the Community Solar Consumers Choice Act of 2023 and the tax credit for rooftop solar, companies that sell solar power have begun pushing to install more systems, including in Kentucky and Illinois.

Following reports of salespeople in Kentucky and Illinois telling residents they are in partnership with local power companies, Paducah Power System and Egyptian Electric Cooperative Association in Murphysboro, Illinois, have issued statements saying they do not have any partnerships with solar power providers.

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Brad Austin is the engineering and operations manager at the Egyptian Electric Cooperative Association. He said the company does not have any partnerships with solar companies and the only way to get an electric bill to zero is to go off the grid.

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Paula Coleman is a paralegal and private investigator at the Sullenger Law Office in Paducah. She was approached by a man who said he works for a company called Genesis Power Solutions. He told her installing solar panels would eliminate her power bill, something Paducah Power said is not true.

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Wes Sullenger is an attorney in Paducah representing someone he describes as the victim of a solar panel scam. He said his client was charged for the installation of solar panels, but the panels were never connected and the company is still attempting to collect payment every month.

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