Letter to the editor: Solar farms are climate-friendly energy sources – Canton Repository

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In the May 5 issue of the Repository, there was an editorial on townships saying no to renewable energy facilities and a letter to the editor extolling the use of our abundant natural gas.

I fail to see the harm of some solar panels to my children’s health while fracking (Ohio’s abundant natural gas doesn’t just jump in the tank) will be good for them. The passive solar panel versus the air and water pollution from fracking and climate change from the burning of the gas would seem to be an easy choice.

Yes, Joe Biden has been attacking some “American energy opportunities.” He’s just doing his best to save our world. And climate change is a world problem. Don’t believe in climate change? The 10 hottest years recorded were in the 2010s and 2020s. And the hottest year: 2023! 

Still a skeptic? Then ban those panels and keep on fracking. Your grandkids will love you for it.

Pat Gillespie, Canton

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