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The Long Beach Airport (LGB) showed its care for the environment and leadership in the community. They celebrated Earth Day with a big introduction of new solar panel canopies. This event was an important step toward being sustainable. Putting a spotlight on great improvements in renewable energy in the city.

Wide Ranging Solar Energy Initiatives

The solar canopies that were recently set up are an important part of Long Beach’s Citywide Solar Project, which is run by the Public Works Department. These canopies now provide shade over the parking lots at the airport and will produce much of the power needed by LGB.

  • These installations now span 133,000 square feet.
  • This work includes building solar panels at 11 different buildings owned by the city.
  • They’re expected to create as much electricity annually as used by around 900 homes in Long Beach.

Environmental and Economic Impacts

The project goes beyond helping the environment. It brings significant economic good as well. Alex Smith from Luminace says, “This effort reflects a deep investment in our local economy. Also, leading to savings worth millions on utilities and creating jobs that pay well.”

Luminace has teamed up with the city to take care of costs for planning, building. And also, maintaining these projects through an agreement called a power purchase agreement. This means the city doesn’t have to spend a lot initially. The funding for this is backed by Cap and Trade income, which assures careful management and growth of the project’s infrastructure.

City Leaders Emphasise the Benefits

At the event celebrating this project, Mayor Rex Richardson focused on how it fits with the city’s goals for being sustainable. He remarked, “Today we reveal a key step in our path to a sustainable future. By adopting renewable energy sources, we are creating a new standard for creativity and direct action against climate change,” he stated.

Council member Megan Kerr from the Fifth District applauded the multipurpose nature of the new structures. “These canopies offer much-needed shade, reducing the urban heat effect. They also show our firm promise to care for the environment. We’re focused on investing now to secure a sustainable future for the next generation.”

Operational Improvements and Aims For The Future

The solar canopies at LGB are up and running, cutting down significantly on fossil fuel use. Airport director Cynthia Guidry expressed her enthusiasm about how beneficial this project is. This step goes beyond showing we care about the environment. It’s a tactical choice aimed at enhancing performance and being self-sufficient with energy. This matches our record as a top-notch airport.

The city’s Public Works Department is working hard to cut down the city’s carbon footprint. Hoping for a 20% reduction by 2025 and a 40% drop by 2030. These goals align with what the Airport Carbon Accreditation program wants to see. This push towards cutting carbon is crucial for making the airport more environmentally friendly. Additionally, the city has plans to add more solar energy structures at the Aquarium of the Pacific. And also, at the Long Beach Utilities by fall 2024. This move will increase how much clean energy Long Beach produces, showing its dedication to taking care of our planet. 


Earth Day at Long Beach Airport will be special this year because it marks the start of using solar canopies. This effort showcases how forward thinking Long Beach is about dealing with environmental issues. The city is setting an example by pushing forward with its green plans. Also, providing a guide for others on using renewable sources for everyone’s good and safeguarding nature.

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