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One of the UK’s biggest suppliers of renewable power and sustainable solutions has confirmed its latest offers to those generating electricity via sunlight.

Customers who choose to sell excess power from solar through E.ON Next could now be eligible for one of two new prices.

The most generous, Next Export Plus, pays 40p per kWh of exported electricity and is available to anyone who had panels and battery solutions installed by E.ON Solar and Storage since 1st January 2024. Meanwhile, those who had solar panels-only installed in the same period are offered 25p per kWh of exported electricity. 

So far, the company has installed 16,000 solar panel systems across the UK, and the new price offers reflect a concerted effort suppliers are making to encourage British households to invest in renewable energy infrastructure to secure long-term benefits.

Earlier this month, Environment Journal reported on another E.ON offer to 1,000 mortgage holders in the East and West Midlands, who can now apply for free energy audits and upgrades as part of a research project. Meanwhile, the Government is also acutely aware of a need to speed up not only its capacity to generate and store renewable energy, but also grid optimisation. A new £1.2million prize for firms using quantum computing to deliver gains in this area was recently announced. 

‘At E.ON Next, we’re aware that many people are wanting to get more from their energy and adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. Generating your own clean, renewable energy is an excellent way to do just that as we head towards our new energy world,’ said Julian Lennertz, Chief Commercial Officer at E.ON Next. ‘Investing in solar panels is a big step, so it’s crucial we help to make this decision as easy and cost effective as possible. That’s why we’re delighted to be able to offer our new market-leading Smart Export Guarantee rates, helping ensure customers get the most from their solar power.’

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