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Forecasters at Colorado State University’s latest prediction of an “extremely active” Atlantic hurricane season has raised concerns about potential power disruptions, particularly for critical services provided by hospitals, fire departments, and law enforcement. In response, Maxeon Solar Technologies , a global leader in solar innovation, highlights the resilience of solar power systems in mitigating such risks.


Maxeon’s commercial partner, Salt Energy, based in Florida, specializes in designing and installing solar systems capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions. David Kaul, Vice President of Salt Energy, underscores the importance of designing for resilience in high-velocity hurricane zones and coastal areas, leveraging the reliability of Maxeon solar panels.


Three notable projects exemplify the efficacy of Maxeon panels in delivering resilient energy solutions:

  1. On Montserrat, a CREF Award-winning distributed generation project features a comprehensive 750 KW-AC PV field with battery storage, capable of replacing diesel generator power and reducing spinning reserve requirements.
  2. Badia Spices in Miami installed the largest private solar project in Florida, featuring 7,200 Maxeon modules with a design wind load of 175 mph, providing energy for their facility and saving over $400,000 in utility costs annually.
  3. The solar microgrid on Ragged Island, Bahamas, recognized for its energy resilience, provides over 95% of the island’s energy needs, reducing reliance on diesel-powered generators.

Vikas Desai, Chief Commercial Officer of Maxeon, emphasizes the superior performance, efficiency, and reliability of Maxeon panels, backed by a robust 40-year warranty. As extreme weather events become more frequent, Maxeon and its partners continue to deliver proven technology to ensure uninterrupted operations and peace of mind for solar customers

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