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Nebraska’s attorney general has filed a lawsuit against a solar energy company for unlawful sales tactics and misleading customers.

According to a release from Nebraska Attorney General Mike Hilgers, he has taken legal action against Everlight Solar, citing unlawful door-to-door sales tactics and deceptive practices in the sale of solar panel systems.

The lawsuit alleges that Everlight’s salespeople have been misleading consumers by making false representations about the potential cost savings associated with solar panels.

The release said that. customers have been led to believe that purchasing panels from Everlight would result in the complete elimination of their electric bills or that they would generate enough power to receive reimbursement checks.

Everlight has also been accused of using misleading savings models that omit relevant information and accurate data, potentially leading to projections that show consumers spending more on panels than they would save.

In addition to deceptive representations, Everlight’s salespeople have been reported to engage in aggressive and intrusive solicitation tactics. This includes ignoring “no solicitation” signs, knocking on doors outside of permitted solicitation hours, which could extend as late as 9:00 p.m.and refusing to leave until a sale is secured.

Online reviews have documented instances where Everlight’s salespeople have demonstrated unapologetic behavior and defended their actions, despite being deemed unlawful.

“Despite many complaints, Everlight continues to use unlawful sales tactics that disturb Nebraskans in their homes and violate solicitation codes. Consumers have also complained that Everlight misled them to believe the panels would save them money and perform in manners they do not,” said Attorney General Mike Hilgers. “Our office is stepping in to put a stop to these unlawful tactics and misrepresentations that seek to take advantage of Nebraskans in a tough economy.”

According to the release, the lawsuit focuses on:

  • Unlawful Sales Tactics: Everlight’s salespeople unlawfully harass consumers in the sanctity of their homes by ignoring “no solicitation” signs, refusing to leave after consumers decline services or ask them to leave, and visiting homes outside of permitted solicitation hours.
  • Deceptive Representations Regarding Potential Cost Savings: Everlight uses misleading cost estimates, causing consumers to purchase costly solar systems that may cost more than they save, and misleads consumers to believe that they will no longer incur an electric bill or that they will receive reimbursement checks when neither is the case.
  • Deceptive Representations Regarding Partnerships: Everlight’s salespeople take advantage of the goodwill of Nebraska institutions, such as OPPD and local athletic programs, by misrepresenting their relationship and causing consumers to believe that these institutions tacitly endorse Everlight’s sales tactics, services, and products.

A lawsuit was filed against Everlight Solar in the District Court of Lancaster County, Nebraska. The complaint claims that Everlight Solar violated the Consumer Protection Act and the Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

The Attorney General is seeking court orders to stop Everlight’s unfair and deceptive sales tactics, and to impose penalties and other relief.

For more information or to file a complaint related to this case, consumers can contact the Nebraska Attorney General’s office at

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