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Saline County is set to “flip the switch” and activate a new solar array next week.

County officials say that on Thursday, May 9, they will host an event to celebrate the array’s activation.

The solar array is 423kWdc (kilowatt direct current), and will feature 900 panels in a 1.6 acre space adjacent to Saline County Career and Technical Campus (SCCTC).

It is expected to produce 621,000kWh (kilowatt hours) in its first year of operation. Matt Brumley, Saline County Judge said he is excited to see the future of Saline County’s solar power.

“We are extremely excited in regard to the long term benefits this addition will bring to Saline County and the SCCTC,” Brumley said. “The solar array and the partnership with Seal Solar will allow for substantial cost savings on electricity used at the facility while also allowing for a hands-on educational opportunity for our students interested in the renewable energy industry.”

Scott Kuttenkuler, Assistant Vice Chancellor for the Saline County Career Technical Campus, said the SCCTC will also develop a curriculum to train students using the solar array.

“‘Together we can make a difference’ has been a campus motto since the beginning of the vision for SCCTC,” Kuttenkuler said. “The investment is the next step in making a difference as the solar farm leverages the campus to establish future sustainability and instructional lab space for a future renewable energy program. This project plans for the future in a way that will keep SCCTC at the forefront of the emergent workforce training for Saline County. We anticipate adding such a program and training to our current offerings within the next two years.

The event is set to begin at 10 a.m. at SCCTC, and will be held in partnership with the Saline County Career & Technical Campus, Saline County Economic Development Corporation, ASU Three Rivers, and Seal Solar. It will be held in the northwest corner of the rear parking lot.

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