Nordic Solar Unveils Lithuania’s Largest Solar Park in Moletai, Marking a Milestone in Renewable Energy Collaboration – SolarQuarter

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In a momentous ceremony attended by key dignitaries and energy sector leaders, including the Danish Ambassador to Lithuania, the Vice-Minister of Energy, and the Vicemayor of the Moletai region, Nordic Solar inaugurated its expansive solar park in Moletai, Lithuania. The event not only celebrated the opening of the country’s largest solar park but also underscored Nordic Solar’s significant investment in Lithuania’s renewable energy infrastructure.


With a capacity to produce power equivalent to the annual consumption of approximately 28,000 European households, the 100-MWp solar park stands as a testament to Lithuania’s commitment to energy independence and its strategic focus on increasing renewable energy sources. Currently, renewable energy constitutes 30 per cent of Lithuania’s total energy consumption, a figure set to rise to 45 per cent by 2030 and 80 per cent by 2050.


Nikolaj Holtet Hoff, CEO of Nordic Solar, highlighted the collaborative effort between Danish and Lithuanian entities, emphasizing the project’s role in bolstering the region’s solar energy capabilities. Moreover, Nordic Solar plans to further its investment with the construction of two additional solar parks in Lithuania, contributing significantly to the nation’s journey towards energy autonomy.


The significance of the Moletai solar park extends beyond energy production, with efforts directed towards promoting biodiversity in the surrounding area. Nordic Solar’s innovative design incorporating bifacial solar panels ensures efficient energy generation while facilitating the coexistence of wildlife and vegetation.

Following its connection to the grid in April, the Moletai solar park has commenced electricity production, with a balancing agreement in place with green energy solutions company Enefit. This landmark project not only marks a stride towards Lithuania’s energy goals but also symbolizes the fruitful collaboration between international partners in advancing renewable energy initiatives

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