Opinion: San Diega County residents must act to free themselves of SDG&E – The San Diego Union-Tribune

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Regarding SDG&E’s opposition to Power San Diego, a nonprofit which might have an initiative on our November ballot: As a citizen of San Diego, I went out of my comfort zone and contacted Power San Diego to not only sign a petition but to get others involved as well.

Why? Because otherwise we will always be beholden to SDG&E, a for-profit organization. Power San Diego proposes an alternative design to distribute electricity to San Diegans through local infrastructure using our generated solar power. Signing a petition for Power San Diego gets this initiative on the November ballot so we can all have this discussion.

Electricity is a need, not a want, and it shouldn’t be run by a profit-making company — period. It’s time to discuss alternative ways of distributing electricity generated from our own roofs in sunny San Diego. We can do this if we band together.

— Vicki Hoffman, Rolando

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