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PHILADELPHIA, PA – Philadelphia Mayor Cherelle L. Parker, alongside city officials and the Philadelphia Energy Authority, recently marked the inauguration of the Adams Solar Project. This 70-megawatt solar facility, one of the largest in Pennsylvania, is now operational, providing roughly 25 percent of the electricity needs for Philadelphia’s municipal buildings.

Situated near Gettysburg, the Adams Solar Project spans about 700 acres and consists of around 230,000 solar panels. This grand scale operation propels the city closer to achieving its ambitious goal outlined in the Municipal Energy Master Plan—to power all municipal facilities with 100 percent renewable electricity by the year 2030. Currently, the city’s energy portfolio boasts nearly 30 percent renewable electricity, a testament to Philadelphia’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint.

Mayor Parker emphasized the dual benefits of this project, highlighting both its environmental impact and its role in fostering economic development within the region. “Purchasing electricity from the Adams Solar Project will reduce our carbon emissions, help meet our climate goals, and support family-sustaining regional jobs in the renewable energy sector,” Parker stated. She also extended gratitude to the Philadelphia Energy Authority and Energix Renewables for their pivotal roles in bringing this vision to life.

The initiative stands as a beacon of Philadelphia’s dedication to leading by example in the realm of clean energy adoption. By investing in renewable energy infrastructure like the Adams Solar Project, the city not only takes a proactive stance in combatting climate change but also sets a precedent for other municipalities to follow suit.

Elizabeth Lankenau, Interim Director of the Philadelphia Office of Sustainability, and Emily Schapira, CEO of the Philadelphia Energy Authority, both echoed the sentiment that the project is a significant step forward in meeting the city’s climate objectives. Schapira highlighted the added benefits of job creation, economic development, and training opportunities in the solar industry for Philadelphians, noting the project’s role in providing long-term budget certainty and cost savings for the city.

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The successful launch of the Adams Solar Project signals a greener, cleaner future for Philadelphia, characterized by sustainable practices, reduced carbon emissions, and a drive towards complete reliance on renewable energy sources. This achievement not only brings Philadelphia closer to its 2030 goal but also serves as a model of environmental stewardship and civic responsibility.

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