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Pampanga-based firm Laus Group of Companies (LGC) is embracing sustainable practices by harnessing solar power to meet the electricity needs of its corporate buildings, marking a significant move in its ‘prosumer’ journey. In collaboration with German solar system supplier Philenergy, the company has embarked on a transformative venture to decarbonize its operations, starting with the installation of solar power systems at the main buildings of Carworld Inc. and Corporate Guarantee.


The two solar-powered systems installed by the LGC group have a collective capacity of approximately 500 kilowatt-peak, translating to potential savings of up to 50% on electricity bills. LGC Group CEO and Chairperson Lisset Laus-Velasco emphasized the commitment to transition to renewable energy sources, with solar energy being the strategic first step. This shift aligns with their dedication to environmental consciousness, contributing not only to their business but also to the global goal of mitigating climate change risks.

Apart from environmental benefits, Laus-Velasco highlighted the practical advantages of adopting clean technology, emphasizing the low maintenance needs and extended lifespan of solar panel systems. Following the successful implementation of the two solar installations, the company plans to expand the use of renewable energy to power its facilities across Luzon.


Laus-Velasco sees this as just the beginning, expressing the company’s ongoing commitment to finding ways to operate facilities through alternative energy. The goal is to become responsible caretakers of the planet. The company hopes that its initiative will set a precedent for others to follow, encouraging the adoption of renewable energy sources, similar to the transformative impact LGC has had on the business landscape in Pampanga.

As the trend towards clean energy intensifies, commercial and industrial customers in the Philippines, including LGC, are increasingly turning to decentralized power generation systems. One popular alternative is building-integrated photovoltaics.

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