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Smart Photovoltaic Systems SL

Friday, 2 February 2024, 12:01

Photovoltaics are hugely popular in southern Spain. There are several reasons for this; firstly, a photovoltaic system in one’s own home or business makes an active contribution to climate protection. Secondly, the payback period for a PV system in Spain is much shorter than in Germany, for example.

What is the reason for this? The many hours of sunshine in the south. The Costa del Sol, for example, has an average of 320 sunny days a year which means that you can generate more electricity in these latitudes with fewer solar panels than in Central or Northern Europe.

Smart PV

Another advantage that should not be underestimated is that with your own photovoltaic system, you are largely independent of the fluctuations of electricity prices in the future.

Charging systems for vehicles

Do you already have an electric or hybrid vehicle or are you considering replacing your old petrol/diesel car with one? The company Smart Photovoltaic Systems, from Alhaurín de la Torre, can not only install the photovoltaic system but also the necessary charging device for your electric vehicle.

If necessary, a carport with photovoltaic modules, as a roof, can also be erected. This way, you generate your own electricity for the household, refuel your car and keep your vehicle out of direct sunlight.

If you also install a hybrid inverter, which stores the solar power in a battery bank and then releases it again when the sun is not shining, you can easily charge the car overnight using the electricity stored in the battery.

More than 3,000 successful projects

The company Smart Photovoltaic Systems SL stands for high-quality photovoltaic systems. The owner and founder of the company is Frank Weiss. He has been in the solar business for 16 years. After more than 3,000 installations in residential houses, industrial premises and solar parks, Weiss is your professional and expert contact for photovoltaics. His company offers systems with and without storage solutions, depending on the customer’s requirements. All work is carried out to the highest professional standards; there is a 25-year guarantee on the solar modules.

Frank and his team would be happy to provide you with an independent offer for a suitable photovoltaic system. They will advise you free of charge and without obligation.

Smart Photovoltaic Systems SL

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