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In a recent development within the energy sector, a significant petition has been filed by the Madhya Gujarat Vij Company Limited (MGVCL) concerning the approval of charges applicable to residential rooftop solar applicants. The petition, which falls under various provisions of electricity-related regulations, seeks approval for the imposition of per KW charges. These charges are intended to cover the expenses incurred by distribution licensees for system strengthening and enhancement of existing solar capacity for residential consumers.

Following directives from the Commission, MGVCL undertook several actions to facilitate public participation and stakeholder engagement. These actions included uploading relevant documents on its website. Stakeholders were invited to provide comments and suggestions within a specified timeframe.

In response to these efforts, MGVCL received only one objection from Yash Complex Co-Operative Housing Service Society Limited. The objection was duly addressed through a comprehensive reply submitted by MGVCL to the Commission.


Furthermore, the Ministry of Power, Government of India, released Draft Electricity Rules pertaining to strengthening distribution infrastructure and associated charges for residential consumers with rooftop solar installations. In response to this draft, MGVCL submitted detailed responses to the suggestions and objections raised by stakeholders, underscoring its commitment to transparency and accountability.

In compliance with Commission directives, MGVCL also included all other distribution licensees, except State DISCOMs, as respondents in the matter. However, it was noted during proceedings that some distribution licensees, including Torrent Power Limited – Distribution (Dholera), Torrent Power Limited – Distribution (MBSIR), and Jubilant Infrastructure Limited, had not been properly implemented as respondents. The Commission directed MGVCL to rectify this oversight by amending the memo of parties and providing necessary documents to the newly joined parties.

Despite these efforts, it was found that notices had not been issued to the newly joined respondents, prompting the Commission to direct its staff to issue hearing notices to all concerned parties. The matter was adjourned to allow for the submission of replies by respondents and potential rejoinders from the petitioners.

The proceedings underscore the complex regulatory landscape surrounding the imposition of charges related to rooftop solar installations in residential areas. The active engagement of stakeholders, along with the meticulous adherence to regulatory directives, remains paramount as the Commission seeks to address pertinent issues within the energy sector. The next hearing date will be communicated separately, ensuring that all parties have ample time to prepare their submissions and engage constructively in the regulatory process.

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