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A San Antonio veteran’s standoff with bureaucracy ended in victory after a local news station got involved, getting the man’s solar panel loan refund expedited following a contractor’s default. Ricardo Ferdin, who signed the dotted line for a solar setup in September 2022, was left high and dry when the contractor went belly up and missed the installation deadline from CPS Energy, according to a report by KENS 5.

Caught in a snag, Ferdin was stuck with panels that wouldn’t juice up and a loan partially repaid to the tune of over five grand when he turned to Mosaic, the loan firm, which promised to zero out the debt and refund his payments after the project went kaput, he was strung along with assurances of a check in the mail that never came, leaving him to chase ghost payments for two months before he dialed into KENS 5 for help. “I’d been calling them and calling them and asking ‘when am I going to get my refund back.'” Ferdin told KENS 5.

The TV station reached out to Mosaic about the delay, querying whether the cheque had been sent and pushing for a solution to Ferdin’s run-around. The company acted fast following the station’s intervention declaring “The issue you inquired about on April 25 concerning borrower Ricardo Ferdin has been resolved. He has been contacted and a new refund check is being disbursed…” Mosaic communicated in an email follow-up with¬†KENS 5.

Ferdin saw action the day after KENS 5 got in touch with Mosaic when he received a mea culpa phone call from a company associate of Mosaic and he was told that a fresh check was already winging its way to him and they were quick about it once KENS got involved, the relieved retiree shared the big relief he felt, especially given his tight budget, “I’m on a budget, I’m retired military and every penny helps you know? It was a big relief for me,” Ferdin relayed to KENS 5.

KENS 5’s investigative series aims to untie such financial knots for viewers, offering a hotline at 210-470-KENS for those entangled in similar dilemmas.

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