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Washington Senators Maria Cantwell (D) and Patty Murray (D) have released a joint statement in support of the Solar for All competitive grant program.

Their timing was not incidental; today happens to be Earth Day. The statement reads in part, “We’ve made enormous strides over the past four years in the fight against climate change – and this historic investment will further lower families’ cost of living, cut carbon pollution, and create jobs in communities all across our state.”

Under Solar for All, the Washington State Department of Commerce will receive tens of millions in EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) largesse. The goal is to expand residential solar energy, albeit on a limited, means-tested basis.

The Washington Department of Commerce was one of just 60 entities to qualify for a Solar for All grant. Competition was notably fierce. The Commerce Department prevailed over scores of governmental and non-governmental agencies.

Meanwhile, several thousand of the poorest Washington households stand to benefit from Solar for All. Rooftop solar panels will be installed at no cost to these households, which include renters, homeowners, and Native American reservation occupants.

Senators Cantwell and Murray are not alone in their enthusiasm. Solar for All was also heartily endorsed by Gov. Jay Inslee, who lauded the program as a “game changer” and “giant leap forward.”

Solar for All is paid for by the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund, which at $27B constitutes America’s largest-ever investment in decarbonization. The GGRF is quite new, having only been created following the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act in 2021.

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