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Expanding its renewable energy footprint, LONGi, a globally renowned solar panel manufacturer, has partnered with Netsolar to install modules on Shell gas stations throughout the Philippines, transforming them into green-energy-powered facilities.


In the Philippines, coal-fired power plants contribute a substantial 60% of the nation’s electricity. This significant collaboration brings LONGi’s Hi-MO X6 high-efficiency solar panels directly to Shell’s 27 gas stations. With an average system size of 30 kWp and a combined total of 755 kWp generated nationally, this allows each station to slash their electricity bills by a remarkable 40%.


For gas stations, safety is the top priority. LONGi has adopted the Hi-MO X6 to meet the requirements of safety and reliability.


The innovative Hi-MO X6 solar panels, featuring cutting-edge HPBC cell technology with a grid-free front surface, maximize incident light utilization and reduce optical loss, bringing the standard HPBC cell efficiency up to 25.5%. Engineered for excellence, Hi-MO X6 stands out in power generation, even in the most challenging high-temperature and humid climates, delivering unmatched value to our customers.

The selection of Hi-MO X6 panels for the project was driven by their superior efficiency, ensuring maximum energy output despite the limited available space. This choice underscores a commitment to sustainability and creating an eco-friendly future in the Philippines. Netsolar, our strategic partner, praised Hi-MO X6’s outstanding performance and remarkable cost-effectiveness across its 25-year lifespan, making LONGi the logical choice in helping Shell turn this vision into reality.

Shell Philippines, widely acknowledged as one of Asia and the Pacific’s most innovative and sustainable companies, is at the helm of the energy transition. The message delivered by Shell centres around reducing its carbon footprint and saving energy while emphasizing the importance of solar and sustainability to their business. This is congruent with LONGi’s mission, “to make the best of solar energy to build a green world”.

Shell’s mobility stations, increasingly well-known as customer-centric hubs, cater to various customer needs, both fuel and non-fuel-related. Integral to this endeavour is LONGi’s unwavering commitment to a customer-first approach, bringing additional value to Shell’s clients through innovative, efficient, and sustainable energy solutions.

LONGi’s installation of solar panels for Shell encapsulates the seamless merge of environmentally friendly technology and customer satisfaction. Equally important, it underscores the joint commitment of both companies to reducing the carbon footprint and facilitating the transition to renewable sources of energy.

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