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Sinn Power, in collaboration with the Jais gravel and crushing plant in Gilching, Bavaria, is pioneering the development of the region’s first floating photovoltaic system with vertically positioned solar modules. The project, currently in the planning stages, has garnered strong support from regional agencies and local authorities.


Scheduled to commence on August 1st, the project entails anchoring and preparatory work at the lake within the gravel works in Gilching, with construction of the photovoltaic system set to begin in September. The system aims to achieve a total output of 1.8 megawatts.


Sinn Power’s innovative approach involves the use of specially developed and patented “floating tilt” modules for vertical alignment, arranged in an east-west orientation. This design not only optimizes solar energy generation but also reduces the use of land on the water surface, thereby circumventing regulatory constraints.


With almost 2,500 solar modules slated for installation, the photovoltaic system will have the flexibility to deflect under wind loads, ensuring durability and stability. The planned distances between rows of modules are around 3.90 meters, enabling efficient utilization of available space.

Gottfried Jais, Managing Director of Kies- und Quetschwerk Jais, expresses enthusiasm for the project’s potential impact on energy consumption at the gravel works. The east-west orientation of the solar modules aligns with the facility’s operational needs, with surplus energy slated for grid integration.

The initiative not only marks a significant advancement in renewable energy utilization but also underscores the potential for innovative solutions to address regulatory challenges and optimize energy generation from artificial inland waters. As construction progresses, stakeholders eagerly anticipate the realization of this groundbreaking endeavor in Bavaria’s sustainable energy landscape.

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