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On Wednesday, clean and renewable energy advocates will be at the Ohio Statehouse for another hearing on House Bill 197. That’s a bill with bipartisan support that would establish a community solar pilot program statewide.

A report from Ohio University found that a clean energy project like what’s proposed in HB197 could create more than 27,000 jobs in the state and create over $400 million in state revenue over its lifetime.

That action at the Statehouse regarding HB 197 is just one of the items that advocates for solar energy are paying attention to hear in Ohio.

Monday on the “Sound of Ideas,” we’ll discuss the latest in the solar landscape, including more details about HB 197, how the federal government hopes to foster solar growth through tax credits in the Inflation Reduction Act, and the process solar projects must go through in order to be approved here in Ohio.

In honor of Earth Day, the “Sound of Ideas” is going to be featuring a week of environmentally focused discussions on the show.

Also on the program, we’ll discuss the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s class of 2024. Big names like Cher, the Dave Matthews Band, Peter Frampton, and Mary J. Blige are all inductees this year. Artists like John Mayall, Big Momma Thorton, and the MC5 are being inducted in other categories.

Ideastream’s Kabir Bhatia will be with us to discuss the entire list.

– Tristan Rader, Ohio Program Director, United Solar Neighbors
– Kathiann Kowalski, Reporter, Energy News Network
– Shaniqua Gibson, Ohio State Program Director, Action for the Climate Emergency
– Kabir Bhatia, Senior Arts Reporter, Ideastream Public Media

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