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Fresh off of Earth Day, Maine has been steadily making strides towards a sustainable future allowing Mainers access to the use of renewable energy. There are several to choose from but according to Market Watch, there is one that stands out from the rest. They took data based on equipment, cost, industry experience, and financing options to come up with the top solar companies in the state. 

SunPower has emerged as a standout, earning the title of the number one solar company in the state. As a result of years of dedication and innovation, this has brought them to the top, not only in Maine, but as one of the leading solar energy companies globally.

Their cutting-edge solar panels, known for their efficiency and durability, have recieved widespread acclaim, making them a top choice for residential and commercial solar installations here in Maine. 

People, now more than ever, are cautious about the environment and thinking ahead. With solar energy being clean and renewable along with producing no greenhouse gas emissions or air pollutants is a key factor behind the growing interest. 

Let’s not forget that almost everything is more expensive than it was a few years back. Investing in solar energy can significantly reduce electricity bills over time as allowing homeowners to generate their own electricity. With declining solar panel costs and various financing options, solar power has become more accessible and cost-effective.




If you’re looking to hop on the clean energy train, it’s  important to research companies before signing on as a client as their may be hidden fees or the company may just be flat out not reputable. 

Market Watch has named ReVision Energy and Maine Solar Solutions as the runners up for their list of the best solar companies in Maine. You can check out their complete list here

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