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Solar Power Systems, an independent solar reviewer researching and identifying the best solar solutions in each state, released lists of the top companies operating in three Western states: California, Arizona and Nevada.

In news releases disseminated between Feb. 16-20, Solar Power Systems said its mission is to provide consumers and third-party vendors with the most knowledgeable information tailored to the needs and expectations of customers.  

“To ensure we meet this commitment, we conduct thorough research every few months to identify the top solar installers in [different states],” the company said. “Our unbiased and detailed evaluation process ensures that we recommend only the premier …solar companies [in each state measured].


  1. Argent Solar Electric distinguishes itself with expert integration of the latest solar technologies and personalized solar systems for optimal performance.
  2. Renova Energy excels with its employee ownership, high-quality installations, and strong customer support, alongside long-term energy efficiency, marking its leadership in renewable energy.
  3. Arizona Solar Wave is renowned for its exceptional expertise in custom solar installations, setting a high standard for quality and reliability in Arizona’s solar industry.
  4. Sunny Energy offers a comprehensive home energy audit with every solar installation, optimizing energy use and ensuring unparalleled efficiency gains for Arizona homeowners.
  5. American Solar & Roofing integrates Arizona solar energy with professional roofing services, offering dual expertise in solar panel installations and roof optimization.


  1. Palmetto is known for its top-rated California solar panels, with full-service installation and multiple financing options to fit every customer’s needs.
  2. Semper Solaris is a veteran leadership California solar company that stands strong in superior quality and in sourcing solar products manufactured in the U.S.
  3. V3 Electric is recognized within the solar industry for its commitment to the most advanced solar technology, with a focus on an environmentally friendly solution.
  4. SunPower is leading the solar industry in terms of efficiency in solar panels and in giving the most comprehensive warranties, hence leading in solar innovation.
  5. Cosmic Solar is known for the perfect blend of custom California solar installations that are detailed to hold the highest energy savings capacity and custom services that address individual needs.


  1. Blue Raven Solar‘s standout feature in Nevada is their zero upfront cost installation, distinguishing them from competitors by making solar energy more accessible to homeowners.
  2. ION Solar stands out as one of the premium solar installations within Nevada, with its personalized customer journey toward sustainability and elegance.
  3. Sol-Up specializes in advanced solar technology and a robust emphasis on sustainability education for Nevada homeowners.
  4. Great Basin Solar is known for pioneering solar energy solutions in harsh climates, emphasizing resilience and efficiency in Nevada’s diverse environmental conditions.
  5. Solaire is renowned for its innovative integration of solar power with smart home technology, enhancing energy efficiency and convenience for homeowners in Nevada.


Solar Power Systems selects the top solar energy companies in each state evaluated, focusing on local providers for superior service, requiring a minimum of five years in operation to ensure reliability and support. Preference is given to state-specific solar companies with their own installation crews, emphasizing quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.

High consumer ratings and reviews are critical, alongside the provision of quality solar equipment that matches the customer’s budget, balancing cost with the caliber of solar panels, batteries, and inverters offered.

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