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Almost two years after the beginning of the full-scale war, the small town of Bucha continues to recover from the horrific events, photos of which have circled the globe. Bucha Lyceum No. 3, located at Vokzalna, 46a, which also was under occupation, received the opportunity to become an educational institution that will now embody several principles of sustainable development. From today, children will have access to education, even in the event of blackouts, and the school itself will be able to save money and set an example – how to be sustainable and conscious.

Hybrid solar station provided by Menlo Electric

Menlo Electric provided the equipment for this hybrid solar station, including panels, inverters, and energy storage. The installation of 47 solar panels, capable of generating 20 kW of power, alongside a 40 kWh energy storage system, will secure the school’s energy supply during outages and substantially reduce its energy costs, saving an estimated €2100 annually. This setup not only provides a reliable power source but also incorporates an educational component on sustainable living, ensuring that the future leaders of Ukraine are equipped with the knowledge and tools to foster a greener future.

Oleksandr Piskun, General Manager of Menlo Electric in Ukraine, remarked, “As part of our ‘Energy to Power Your Future’ CSR program, we’re proud to supply all the needed equipment for a solar station in Bucha Lyceum No.3 together with manufacturers Jinko Solar and Deye, bringing reliable energy solutions to educational institutions across Ukraine. It’s our 4th project with the Energy Act for Ukraine, and we are happy to ensure uninterrupted access to education and foster a culture of environmental consciousness among future generations.”

Bucha City Council

Installation of the 20 kW PV system, which is complemented by a 40 kWh battery storage system.

Yuliana Onishchuk, Founder and CEO of the Energy Act for Ukraine Foundation, highlighted, “This project is not just about installing solar panels; it’s about laying the foundation for a future where renewable energy and education go hand in hand, proving that even in the hardest times, creation triumphs over destruction. The Bucha Lyceum No. 3 solar power plant is a testament to what can be achieved when communities, businesses, and nations unite for a common cause: a greener, more sustainable world.” 

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Walburga Hemetsberger, CEO of SolarPower Europe, said, “The completion of our Bucha school project with the Energy Act for Ukraine Foundation is a moment to celebrate. With our ‘Solar Supports Ukraine’ campaign, we’re proud to play a small role in ensuring that schools like Bucha Lyceum No.3 can remain open and children can still receive an education. Every donation counts to help keep the lights on in Ukraine.”

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The project was coordinated by the Energy Act for Ukraine Foundation, with contributions form partners including SolarPower Europe, Menlo Electric, Deye, ABO Wind and Akuo. (hcn)

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