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Solis has announced a partnership with Australia’s National Cricket Centre to introduce a revolutionary solar energy installation, marking the largest project to date under the ‘Cricket for Climate’ initiative.

Located at an iconic cricketing venue, the NCC is now poised to become a major advocate and user of green energy, a transformation made possible by Solis’ cutting-edge technology, including advanced inverters and an EPM energy management system.

Project Details

High-Performance Solar Installation: The system is designed to generate a robust energy output that significantly mitigates the NCC’s reliance on conventional power sources, reducing its annual operational costs by an estimated $50,000.

Carbon Emission Reduction: The project is expected to eliminate some 398 tons of carbon emissions each year, contributing to a cumulative reduction of nearly 8,000 tons over its anticipated 20-year lifespan.

Collaborative Effort: The project has seen key contributions from LONGi Asia-Pacific and OSW, providing solar panels and inverter systems key to extending its scope and impact.

Impact and Commitment

Economic and Environmental Benefits: Beyond its immediate environmental impact, the solar system promises around $1 million in energy savings over its period of operation, underlining the economic viability of renewable energy in a sports infrastructure.

Extended Community Impact: Beyond the NCC, the generosity of Solis, LONGi Asia-Pacific and OSW has extended to the installation of solar systems in five community cricket clubs, demonstrating a broad commitment to sustainability across the sport.

Join us in celebrating this milestone by watching our journey unfold here:

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