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The world has been surprised by the arrival of the most powerful solar panel in history, so much so that we are going to have free electricity. This discovery was published in the scientific journal Science Advances and no one can stop talking about it. It represents a historic milestone towards the production of clean energy with sources other than exclusively eolic, what we call renewable diversification.

Record-breaking solar panel and has scientists in shock

This is a development by researchers at Martin Luther University in Halle-Wittenberg (MLU). The team achieved a complete breakthrough in solar panel technology. Jennifer Rup, materials scientist and professor at ETH Zurich, who is not associated with the study, was highly surprised.

She said that this is “a very exciting discovery that could have a significant impact on the development of more efficient solar cells. The fact that the new material is also more durable and easier to produce than traditional silicon-based solar panels makes it even more promising”.

The material that has already become a revolution in the industry is made of crystalline layers of various types of titanate, strontium and calcium arranged in a lattice structure. It is such a large object that it has left even its inventors surprised. It leaves out silicon, a common and inefficient material used in solar panels.

The scientists themselves claim to have been speechless when they saw that the current flow was up to 1,000 times stronger. Its creators claim that it has exceeded all expectations imposed on it.

According to Dr. Akash Bhatnagar, director of MLU’s SiLi-nano Innovation Competence Center where the team works, he noted that it is still a matter of understanding “exactly how the different materials interact to produce such a strong photovoltaic effect.”

Electricity begins a new era with a mega-powerful solar panel

The new material is based on ferroelectric materials, with the ability to produce electricity from light without the need for an inefficient PN junction. The latter is a metallurgical mechanism that joins two silicon crystals needed to make traditional solar panels.

Yeseul Yun, a PhD student and lead author of the study, notes that a high-power laser is used in the creation process, vaporizing the titanate crystals. Each crystal is stored on substrates that form that lattice structure responsible for a radical increase in efficiency.

Bhatnagar explains that the combination of ferroelectric and paraelectric materials in this structure makes it easier for electrons to flow through the excitation of light photons. These polarize when subjected to an electric field. This is the key to such a radical increase in efficiency.

Advantages of the new solar panel: forever changing what we know about electricity

This generator not only provides an increase in efficiency, but it is also more durable and cheaper to produce than panels using silicon. Could the time come when electricity will be free? In addition, their efficiency means that less space is needed to produce the same amount of electricity.

A feature that makes them ideal for urban use where space is limited. It is approximately 200 nanometers thick and consists of 500 layers. Yun’s team is working on the first practical application of the material, a new solar cell for mass production.

Their researcher says they are “excited about the potential of our discovery to make a real difference in the world. If we can create solar panels that are more efficient, durable and cost-effective, we could help accelerate the transition to a more sustainable future”.

Electricity transforms: this is the solar panel that makes it possible

If this solar panel reaches the production stage, it will open a door that could change everything in the electricity sector. There are already several interested parties interested in this material and the predictions are the best. This context is proof that the industry is still committed to sustainable projects that generate activity and employment, that is what we need most.

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