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MEA Energieagentur Mecklenburg, a subsidiary of the Schwerin-based energy supplier Wemag, has founded a project company together with four agricultural businesses. Together, the partners want to develop sites for photovoltaic systems and install and operate the generators there. The owners of the new company, called Erneuerbare Energie Prignitz (EEP), are MEA with 50 per cent of the shares and the Pirow agricultural cooperative, the Berge agricultural cooperative, the Brunow agricultural cooperative and farmer Hartmut Lossin with 12.5 per cent of the shares each. “As agricultural shareholders, we bring a lot of expertise to the table and can help shape the land and the layout,” says Uwe Kessler, Managing Director of the Pirow agricultural cooperative, explaining the reasons for participating in the new project company.

Jobs for the region

According to current plans, the photovoltaic systems with a total output of around 140 megawatts are to be installed at suitable locations in the far north of Brandenburg in Muggerkuhl, Grenzheim, Neuhausen and Bresch. In this way, the project partners want to ensure an optimal yield of solar energy.

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“The photovoltaic systems will produce a considerable amount of clean electricity, which not only helps to reduce the environmental impact, but also creates new jobs and promotes the economy in the region,” emphasises Torsten Hinrichs, Managing Director of MEA.

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Citizens receive compensation offer

A special feature of the project is that the citizens of the municipalities will share in the economic success. “This is because 90 per cent of the trade tax income remains in the local municipality. This helps in times of tight municipal budgets. The citizens receive a compensation amount as a credit on their electricity bill from Wemag and thus participate directly in the energy transition,” says Hergen Reker, Director of the Putlitz-Berge office, describing the model.

Residents can participate

Around 600 households could benefit from this. The owners of the EEP shareholders and the municipal councils of Berge and Pirow regularly inform local residents about this. “Interested parties can take part in the municipal council meetings, the citizens’ consultation hours and future residents’ meetings or contact the shareholders,” announces Hergen Reker.

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“According to the timetable, the resolutions for the development plans should be passed before the end of this year,” says the district manager. According to current plans, construction is scheduled to start in spring 2025. The EEP is investing around 80 million euros in the construction of the facilities. (su/mfo)

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