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If you’re wondering whether a hybrid solar system is right for your needs, there are some strong selling points that are good to keep in mind.

You Can Get Continuous Power

Due to weather events, aging systems and other reasons for grid vulnerability, the fact is that most Americans experience power outages at least once a year—with many experts saying that experience will only become more common. That leaves many people susceptible to going without power for hours or longer, which is never fun and is often costly (due to spoiled food) or even dangerous for certain health conditions.

That’s why the most compelling reason to invest in a hybrid solar system is that it essentially guarantees that you can keep a continuous supply of power—even if the rest of the grid is down—by pulling from your own battery. This makes hybrid solar systems especially attractive to residents of areas that are prone to losing power, especially if those episodes are for longer periods of time.

You Can Take Full Advantage of a Renewable Resource

A hybrid solar system allows you to get the most energy possible out of your solar panels. By routing the energy generated through a hybrid inverter and into your own battery before kicking back the excess to the grid, you can feel confident that you are utilizing clean, renewable energy as much as possible. In contrast, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, most of the United States’ electricity is generated from natural gas, nuclear energy and coal.

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