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In addition to considering which type of consumer solar panel is right for you, you’ll also want to check out the product’s degradation rate before installation. This is a measure of how long it will take for a solar panel to break down. Failure rate, on the other hand, focuses more on a product’s reliability, quantifying the proportion of time solar panels fail to accomplish their task.

The EverVolt HK 2 Black Series Solar Modules, the EverVolt HK Black Series, the K Black Series, and the EverVolt H Series Solar Module all have a 0.25% annual degradation rate. Notably, the PK Black Series of solar panels from Panasonic loses 0.5% of its power yearly. Still, that’s pretty good, considering most panels from other brands have annual degradation rates between 0.7% and 0.8%. 

All solar panels will lose some power over time due to the natural degradation of being outdoors and baking in the sun. However, Panasonic does have relatively low rates of degradation. Over 25 years, for example, the EverVolt HK Black Series and other models with 0.25% degradation will still retain 92% of their power. Even the PK Black Series, with double the degradation rate, will retain 80% of its power after a quarter-century. Regardless, keep in mind that there are plenty of things you can do to keep your solar panels clean and working their best even decades after installation.

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